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The Boy Who Changed the World

The Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews

This is a nonfiction picture book for lower elementary children.  It’s the story of how four men caused each other to help change the world through the ability to produce more food. It starts with Norman Borlaug, from Iowa, who created super seeds which grow more food for the world.  He was hired to do this by Henry Wallace, Vice President of the United States. George Washington Carver was the man who taught Henry Wallace about plants as a young boy. Moses Carter rescued George as a little boy from kidnappers. Later, he adopted him. These four men show us how our actions can affect others and cause a big change in the world.

I loved the illustrations and the wonderful message of how our small actions may be part of something big. I did have some trouble keeping the story straight in my mind.  I wonder if starting with Moses Carter and going forward would have helped me instead of going backwards in history. This book would be a great way for kids to practice comprehension skills as they learn to take information and process it so they understand it. I wish there was more information about Norman Borlaug and his seeds.  Sounds like some good future research to extend the book.  I recommend this book.  Thomas Nelson has provided me with an advanced reading copy of this book.


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