Scholastic Book Fair Reads – Girl Power!

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One of my schools had a book fair this past week so I chose a few books that I thought I would personally like and they all were winners.

Finally 12 by Wendy Maas
This is the story of a girl who is just counting the days until she turns 12 and can finally do the things all her friends already are doing: cell phones, ears pierced, babysitting, staying home alone, etc.  After her big day she finds that as she checks each thing off her list she meets calamity and mishaps as well.  This is a fun story for the tween ager girl who frankly likes chick lit!

Franny Parker by Hannah Roberts McKinnon
What a beautifully written story about a 13-year-old girl who is not ready to grow up too fast.  She has a loving but interesting family, lives in a small town in Oklahoma and befriends the new boy next door.  Franny has a project for the summer that she did not plan but is supported by the entire town. She takes care of orphaned and sick animals in the family barn.  There is somewhat of a mystery in the boy and his mother who move in next door and Franny and her family have opened their hearts to them and are dismayed when things don’t seem right.  Great book!

The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forrester
Piper McCloud can fly and she has to do it in secret because her parents forbid her from flying.  One day at a church picnic baseball game she forgets herself and flies to catch the ball.  The whole town is abuzz and fearful.  Then, Dr. Lettitia Hellion comes to the door and takes her away to a place where Piper meets other children, animals and plants with amazing gifts.  However, these gifts are not valued but all effort is made to make the people, plants, or animals become normal again.  You can imagine this book as a movie and I did find out that the author had originally written this as a screenplay for a movie.  Lots of action as well as thought-provoking moments.  Another great read.

Liberty Porter First Daughter by Julia DeVillers
Liberty is a feisty 3rd grader whose father is the new president of the United States.  This story is perfect for the 2nd-4th kids and takes you through the day when Liberty’s father is sworn in and she gets to live in the White House.  Liberty has studied the kids and pets that have lived in the White House in history and is full of information and she gets to know her new home.  Liberty reminded me of Clementine in the Clementine books.  I think this would be a great read aloud when studying Washington D.C. or presidents.  Great story for the younger kids.

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