All of the Above – Out of Order

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All of the Above by Shelley Pearsall

This is a story based on a true story of a group of  middle school urban kids who decide to start a math club and create a giant tetrahedron to break the Guinness World Records. Of course, they really aren’t so gung ho…but are flunking math, or need a place to go after school. The story is told  from different points of view from a least seven characters…some adults and some kids. I believe the teacher is the only “white” character in the book. It is easy to read and amazingly easy to keep track of the characters. The writing is simple, spare, yet a few illustrations and some recipes are thrown into the mix. I really liked the book .

I just finished Every Soul a Star and I am going to review Out of Order next….so funny….alll three of them are written with different point of views in alternating chapters. Kinda strange I read them all in a row.

Out of Order by Betty Hicks

This is a story of a family who blends together through a second marriage….a mother and her two elementary children and a father and his teenagers. (the other parents are out of the picture for the most part) When they become a family, they discover that their personalities start to change in the mix…and later refers to the study of personality based on birth order. Anyway, they have some trouble adjusting….but come together as they organize a Rock Paper Scissors tournament to earn money to send soccer balls to children in Iraq. Again the chapters are told  in alternating voices by the kids in the family. Since the characters are elementary age and middle school/high school, I think this would be good for upper elementary and middle school. I enjoyed the book and couldn’t put it down. 🙂 (Still in my pajamas at 10:00 on Saturday)

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