Red Blazer Girls (Book1): the Ring of Rocamadour by Michael Beil

October 4, 2009 at 6:23 pm Leave a comment

Red Blazer Girls

This book reminded me of the DaVinci Code in that the three girls who attend a private girls school in New York City try to figure out clues to lead to a treasure inside a church near the school. The 7th grade girls wear red blazers at the school….and therefore the name. They use math and literature to figure out the puzzles leading them closer to finding the special ring…2000 years old worn by St. Veronica. I was really bothered by how often these girls swore…taking God’s name in vain…ironically while running around a church looking for clues! Overall, not a bad mystery. I would save this book for middle school kids (girls). Sophie spends a lot of time thinking about her boyfriend and along with the language, isn’t really appropriate for elementary kids despite the cover looking fairly innocent.

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