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Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith


The setting for this story is WWII in Louisiana.  Ida Mae is 18 years old at the start of the book and is cleaning houses for a living.  She is black and finds that many doors are closed for her.  Her late father passed on the love of flying to her and she is determined to fly but is turned down at flight school because she is black.  She is very light skinned and can pass for white and so she decides to apply for WASP (Women’s Airforce Service Pilots) for the war effort.  This deceit continues to haunt her throughout her adventure as she goes to Texas for flight school.  The book felt like an old fashioned Sue Barton/Cherry Ames story where student nurses work and live together.  The girls that Ida Mae meet become her lifelong friends.  Lots of information about planes and what life was like for the WASP.  This story is based on some real people and events.  I just loved this book.  The story takes Ida Mae through war, death, injury, racism, and marriage.  I rate it 5 out of 5!


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Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender


A ghost lives in the big spooky looking house that  high school junior Alexis lives in along with her younger sister and parents.  The ghost, through a doll, takes possession of the little sister and tries to murder all the girls who were children of the girls who she is really angry at.  I found this book to be very scary and would not recommend this ghost story to any upper elementary students.  It had a “Twilight” flavor to it and I think would appeal to that reader.

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The Magic Half

The Magic half

The Magic Half by Annie Barrows (checked out frompublic library)

Miri has a set of older twin brothers and a set of younger twin sisters and she feels lost in this rare family. After moving to an old home with a 10 sided room assigned to her, she discovers that she can time travel back to the 1935. There she meets a girl who could be her identical match. However, Molly, the girl from 1935, leads a very sad orphan life. Her extended family doesn’t extend much love and kindness to her. In fact, her cousin is a very dangerous young man. Miri gets involved in saving Molly from her life. The cover and reading level of this book doesn’t lead you to believe that this book may be difficult for some readers. There is danger and perhaps severe abuse/death is alluded to. So it must be recommended with caution. The book was a swift read and the mystery and magic was very well written.

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The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen


I was so entertained by Allen’s first book that I went back to the library to read her next book.  The Sugar Queen was another chick lit fantasy type of book.  It was like eating candy in bed…indulgent and fun. 
This story was about a young woman who hid out in her bedroom which was in her childhood home.  Josey is  from a rich family but never felt like she could measure up or step out on her own. She takes care of her egotistical mother and does her best to stay keep out-of-the-way as well as please her.  She has a secret closet in her bedroom and sneaks up candy, junk food, and romance novels to be welled stocked  for the hours she spends hidden away in the closet indulging in reading and eating. One day a woman appears in her closet and sends her on an errand to get her a sandwich.  Josey has been sent on a journey to discover herself.  The woman in the closet is very strange….but since I had read Allen’s first book…I knew there was an element of fantasy in this story.  I wasn’t disappointed and was well entertained.

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Red Blazer Girls (Book1): the Ring of Rocamadour by Michael Beil

Red Blazer Girls

This book reminded me of the DaVinci Code in that the three girls who attend a private girls school in New York City try to figure out clues to lead to a treasure inside a church near the school. The 7th grade girls wear red blazers at the school….and therefore the name. They use math and literature to figure out the puzzles leading them closer to finding the special ring…2000 years old worn by St. Veronica. I was really bothered by how often these girls swore…taking God’s name in vain…ironically while running around a church looking for clues! Overall, not a bad mystery. I would save this book for middle school kids (girls). Sophie spends a lot of time thinking about her boyfriend and along with the language, isn’t really appropriate for elementary kids despite the cover looking fairly innocent.

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